Saturday, April 10, 2010

Proton EMAS 2010 =)

Proton makin mekar dan mula mencipta 1 nama di persada dunia, walaupun kita tahu hakikat kereta Proton nih macam mana kan? yelah...mungkin sebab kereta tempatan, ia tidak disanjung tinggi... dan lebih disebut sebut lagi kereta luar negara../ import...

apapun...entri kali ni,pasal keta...thnks a lot kpd Mr Goh yang emailkan sal keta nih kat email gua...thnks sesangat... jom ushar..........

Emas means "gold" in Bahasa Malaysia and sums up the value of this design project both to PROTON and the future of Malaysian automotive design.

The concept car is a creative collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro and Lotus Engineering. Based on a hybrid propulsion system, the specially designed chassis also features a raised floor that can accommodate the conventional engine as well as the hybrid system's batteries in the rear. The concept car leverages on maximising space, while maintaining the overall dimensions of a compact car.

pasnih say bye to myvi...haha..
kalo murah, aku pun nk beli..hadiahkan kat gf aku mimi..
i love u....


Dimensions and weights

Length (mm) : 3555-3000
Height (mm) : 1576
Width : 1699
Wheelbase (mm) : 2590-2035
Front tyres : 215/45 R18
Rear tyres : 215/45 R18
Front rims : 18"
Rear rims : 18"
Boot capacity : 320-390 litres

Mechanical units and performance

Mechanical architecture : hybrid, seriesial, plug-in
Internal combustion engine position : front transverse
Technical specifications : 3 cylinders in line, 6 valves, 1.2 litres
Power : 51 hp / 38 kW at 3500 rpm
Maximum torque : 107 Nm at 2500 rpm
Electric engine position : Rear
Power : 75 kW (peak), 45 kW (continuous)
Maximum torque : 240 Nm
Batteries : 100 X 31 Ahr Cells, 370 Volts, 11.47 kWh
Time for full recharge : 3 hours with normal 240 Volt, 13A power point
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h : 14 sec
Top speed : 170 km/h (peak), 130 km/h (continuous)
Range in electric mode : 50 km
Traction : Rear
One-speed gearbox : final drive ratio 4.214:1
Front & Rear suspension : McPherson & Torsion beam

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